Our Health Guarantee relies on our Vets Determination of good Health.  Each and every kitten/cat gets a complete Health
Check-up, right before the new owners receive it.  We do this at our own expense, for our new pet owners peace of mind.  
This is above and beyond our competitors.  This Kitten Health Report Card consists of the following:  Date, Owners name,
Kittens birthdate,   parents, and color and description.  The following points are noted:  Sex, Weight, Temp, Coat&Skin,
Eyes, Ears, Nose&Throat, Legs&Paws, Heart, Lungs, Gastrointestinal System, Uri Genital System, Fecal Exam, Shot
Records, and Worming schedule.  It  has an area for any suggestions on Vitamins, diet,  or general comments.  This
document is signed by our Vet. .  We keep these documents in our files for each and every kitten/cat.  This proves that each
kitten is in perfect health, fungus, and parasite free,  when received by it's new owner.  Unless the kitten/cat is in 100%
good health we do not release it. Our Health Guarantee covers serious/fatal Congenital defects, and offers replacement.  
This is stipulated in our contract/receipt that you get upon placing a kitten/cat on hold.  All our breeder adults get routine
Veterinarian care and undergo a complete blood pannel yearly, are DNA PKD tested negative, get Dental Visits, and
anything else our Vet suggests.  They are extremely healthy and happy cats well cared for and loved.

                                        COMMON SENSE GUIDE TO PET OWNERSHIP
Every kitten receives a generous starter/gift  kit worth over $100.  It contains numerous trial sized products such as foods,
dishes, toys, a cat box, litter, shampoo, grooming products, vitamins, and a quality carrier, and more.  In your kittens packet
there'ss  information as to where to get full sized products, at a discounted rates,  with little effort.  Grooming takes 5
minutes a day,  plus 30 minutes 1X per week.  We give a step by step guide for a novice Persian owner to an experiences
Persian owner to follow.  Recommendations change over the years, and it's best to stay up to date.    After the kitten turns 6
months and has been spayed/neutered grooming can be scaled back slightly.  If you're considering incorporating a Persian
into your life, and you have no time, to groom, care for, play, spend time with, and nurture it please don't get one.  We
require every kitten owner to agree to follow the care guide.  Not doing so will be considered
KCP is a closed Cattery to protect our pets and privacy.  We have over the years kept a CFA Cattery of Excellence.  This is a
certification by a Licensed Vet that our home meets or exceeds standards in cleanliness and care.  Our score has been
100%.  We care for our cats and kittens just as anyone would that has devoted over 20 years and 10's of $1000's of dollars to
produce the best Top Quality Persians possible.  We choose not to have potential clients come to our private home, because
we are well aware that some individuals are not trustworty.  Remember the story of 101 Dalmations???  We've run into
some real head cases over the years!

I'm happy to drive 100's of miles to deliver a kitten to their eager excited  pet owners!   I offer this service as a convienience
and a kindness.  Delivery is simple.  We come to your home, or meet in a pleasant meeting spot closeby.  We also offer
shipping within the Continental US, at cost.  Occasionally, we  sell our kittens at CFA Cat Shows, in So-Cal.  However,
most of our kittens sell before they are 4 months old, and that is the youngest a kitten can enter the show hall.  Our kittens
are usually ready between 9-12 weeks of age, and most new pet owners want to get them young.

                                                            WHAT TO EXPECT
Kittens generally  will need to get their last set of shots at 12 weeks, and will need to be spayed/neutered at 5-6 months of
age.  In your packet you get the exact dates for your kitten to get their follow up, and make their appointments.  The shot
record and recommendations on shots is included in your packet.  Every aspect of care is covered in your packet.  We insist
that you read it, as soon as you receive your new kitten, and follow through the care recommended.  If you have any
questions please feel free to ask at that time.  Many pet owners do not read their packet and do not follow recommendations
on any level.  This is considered neglect, and a violation of their contract.  We expect you to feed the food recommended, not
to change the food, to adhear to the grooming manual, and to get your kitten/cat Veterinarian care when needed.  Expect an
adjustment period.  It is feasible that a kitten may need to go to the Vet for eye drops, antibiotics, or any type of other
incidental situation.  Any responsible pet owner should take this in stride.  Please take your  kitten into your Vet right off
the bat, and have them evaluated.

Young Persian kittens are delicate, defenseless, baby animals.  They need to be handles gently, have plenty of rest, good
food, playtime, affection, and grooming.  Persian kittens are high maintenance and their immune and respiratory systems
are developing.  They should not be left unattended with young children, or allowed to go outside with or without their
owners.  Make sure your doors  are always closed and locked, and window screens are secure.  Diseases travel through the
air and can be on the ground; even with the shots a young kitten could be susceptible.  Always use a carrier to transport
your kitten.  We privide one in your starter kit.  Take your shoes off when inside your home, walk slowly, a small kittens
biggest danger is to get stepped on.  Make sure your place them in a safe place to sleep, and that their not underfoot when
you are walking to the rest room at night in the dark.    Make sure they're not near an open recliner, or rolling chair.

                                                        SUPPORT AND ADVISE
After a kitten/cat has gone off to their new home, I'm happy to  offer support and advise.  I'm not responsible for daily care,
or upkeep.  We provide a perfectly healthy bouncy kitten to their new owners, thats where our job ends and the new owners
care begins.  Our step by step guide, and starter products get the new kitty parents off to the best possible start.  If your still
have your starter products after 4 weeks, you're not using them as instructed.  Purchase full sized products and keep them
on hand, they'll last 1 year or more, combs and other products will last the cats lifetime.  Remember, failure to follow the
care guide is considered neglect.  Kittens cannot groom, feed, or care for themselves.  If you lead a busy hectic life, and  have
no time to devote to raising your kitten, please don't get one.  All pet owners should anticipate that there may be a time
when they need to take their animal to the Vet unexpectedly, and take it in stride.  We price our kittens in a medium price
range in order to place them in homes that are fully able to take their kitten to the Vet for antibiotics, eye drops,
shots---grooming, or what ever is needed.  Your kitty is  a family member,  that could potentially live in your home with you
for upward os 20 years, these little hick-ups should  be no big deal.  Caring for them will build trust, love and a wonderful
bond.  Homes with small children are usually not a good fit, it's best to wait until your children are 9-12 years old.

In the unforseeable event you can no longer keep your Persian kitty, we're happy to help re-locate it to a loving forever pet
home.  Under no circumstances should you turn your kitty into a shelter, or similar facility.

In conclusion, advise and support is something we have no problem giving. We love to get updates and pictures of our
adopted kittens!  For every  bad new pet owner, we have 50 excellent loving ones, so that makes everything worth it!  We
don't make money at this, or even cover expenses. we do this for the love of Persian cats.  I know in my heart that each and
every one of our kittens is created for a loving person to cherish,  they will receive--and give so much joy and love.  That
makes all the long hours and dedication worth it.  I won't tolerate any type of abuse or harrassment. This will act as a red
flag, and the sale will be canceled upon notification.  If it is an after sale situation, communication will need to be via US