Champion Kat City's Dust in the Wind
Ch. Kat City's Dust in the Wind was a
classic cream tabby.  His mother was a
blue-cream out of Touch-o-heaven from Las
Vegas, and her dad was best blue tabby of
the nation in the late 90's.  Dusty's dad is
Ch. Camelot 2000's Sir Bully of Kat City,
Ch. Mouskateer's Wooly Bully, was his
paternal grandfather.

Dusty was the sweetest most loving cat in
the whole world.  He was dearly loved  the
enitire time he blessed us with his presence.  
Unfortunatly, he was struck ill suddenly and
passed away 5/5/2008.  We can only be
thankful that he didn't suffer. He will remain
in our hearts, and we dearly miss him, but
know he will continue to watch over us from

Dusty was the embodiment of why we
continue to produce each unique, precious,  
pet kittens for felow Persian lovers.  Each
one with such wonderful big delightful
hearts, for people who truely appreciate
them, just as we do!
              Each day is a gift!