Pictured here at 6 months she's now an adult, born 9/16/2012 to our Champion Kat City's Marley+Champion Blue Violets
Blue Bandit.  Candy Corn is 4th generation from our foundation lines of" Mousekateers"  provided by Iris Kilpatrick.  Her
daddy is a Senior Stud Cat generously provided by our dear friend Sheri Stokes of Wuv Paws.  Her sister Champion
WuvPaws Princess Pepperment Pattie is lucky to reside with Sheri and carry out both our old school lines in her  cattery.

We waited a long time to finally have that full color Calico with our signature owl like enormous round colorful wide set
eyes, she will have her head widen out, ears will drop down and she already has an ample heavy set body, perfect little
heart shaped nose, a sweet but very unique personality that's full of fun and surprises, she's going to make our cattery a
continued delight, and she will be joined by her little sister Kat Ctiy's Black Magic a absolute delight, of the same
parantage.  Keep looking for good things to come!  We are delighted!
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