Kat City Persians is a small CFA registed cattery, and has been
in existence for  2 decades. The summer of 2004 we re-located
from Palm Springs to Big Bear, California.   Since we retired in
2008, we've enjoy dual residency in lovely So-Cal, and our
Vacation home in Southern  Nevada.  We continue to show our
cats, mostly in Southern California, showing is our main focus.  
We don't produce many litters a year, many of our cat's are
spayed or neutered and compete in Premier class.   That makes
the few kittens we do have very special, and we enjoy them very
much and delight in their unique, individual, qualities.  They're
like our kids, and we are devoted to them!

Kat City Persians is exclusivley a closed cattery.  Our animals
are dearly loved, healthy, secure, and home-raised in sanitary
conditions.  All of our adults are CFA Champions, Grand
Champions, and Grand Primiers...with fabulous  Pedigree's.  
Great Personalities are at the  top of our list!

Our aim is to get back to traditional Persian root's. Our cat's are
not CPC'S, (color point carrier's), their numbers all start with 1.

Here at Kat City Persian's we specialize in providing quality
purebred Persian kittens for loving pet homes at afforable rates.
When I was six months old my parents got me my first little
kitten, she had long hair and her name was "Blackie".  We were
the best of friends as you can see!
This started a lifetime of caring and dedication to my animals.  
Today our family dearly loves and cherishes all our pets, they
are a part of the family, and enrich our lives. They never let us
  Midnight + I  6/2010